Tuesday, September 30, 2014

H is for Hat!

H was for hat this week!

The resources we used this week were…

Blue Hat, Green Hat (Sadie LOVES this app!)



This week we got Hats by Kevin Luthardt, Halloween Hats by Elizabeth Winthrop, and This is Not my Hat by J. Klassen from the library. We have The Cat in the Hat at home, and it’s one of our favorites. Sadie especially loved the Halloween Hats book this week!

 photo Sadiesbackpack_H_zps5c63ea79.jpg

We talked about the letter “H,” then Sadie picked purple construction paper to make her mosaic hat.

 photo DSC_4878_zpsf65c405d.jpg


Sadie loves Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat, so I made a little game with the cat’s hat to practice her letter recognition. The printable is available in the lesson plan. Because stickers are probably Sadie’s favorite thing right now, I used my Xyron to make the letters into stickers (I have THIS one—super cheap and very cool!). If you don’t have a Xyron, you can obviously just let your little one glue the letters down. The uppercase “H’s” create the red stripes, while the lowercase “h’s” create the white stripes on the hat. Sadie needed a fair about of guidance with this activity, but she really enjoyed it (seriously, she enjoys anything with stickers).

 photo DSC_4494_zps6eb87809.jpg


On Wednesday we made some rad, old-school paper hats. I think this is a pretty essential part of childhood. Hasn’t everyone made one? I used newspaper as a kid, but we only had construction paper on hand. I had to tape two standard-sized pieces together to make it big enough for Sadie’s pumpkin head. Folding the hat is super easy—only three steps:

 photo DSC_4820_zps848e3727.jpg

Since Sadie was digging Halloween Hats, I let her make her own. She decorated her Halloween hat with some fun stickers I found in Target’s One Spot a few weeks ago. She wore her hat all week, exclaiming: “Hat! HAT! HAT!!” 

 photo DSC_4842_zpscba3a0be.jpg


I made a cute Cat in the Hat-inspired lunch for Sadie on Thursday. I layered Sadie’s sandwich with apples, strawberries, and a banana to look like the Cat’s hat.

Sadie loves these themed snacks and meals, but I love them even more. To me, they’re worth the extra time and effort. They’re not just fun for Sadie, they also create new opportunities for learning. This silly little sandwich in the shape of a hat is a new opportunity to talk about the word “hat,” about the letter “H,” and the color red. Y’all, there are opportunities for your little one to learn in just about everything. And, like Dr. Seuss said: “The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

 photo DSC_4807_zps751b0b0b.jpg 


On Friday Sadie did a little matching worksheet that I created to reinforce what we’ve been learning about shapes (we work on our shapes using THIS Melissa and Doug puzzle). In this activity each of the hats has a colored shape that corresponds with a “party guest’s” shirt. I used the Xyron again for this activity, so that the hats would be stickers for Sadie, but glue would work just as well. You could also skip the glue, and store the hats in a plastic sandwich bag, then use this activity as a matching game that can be played over and over.

 photo DSC_4560_zps1f58bcbc.jpg

Weekend Fun:

I had planned to have a family hat party, and I’m so sad it didn’t happen. I found some fun plastic hats in Target’s One Spot (love that place), and the plan was for each of us to decorate one. Then, we were going to put our new, awesome hats on, turn on some jams, and have a dance party. I hope you guys are having family dance parties. If not, you’re totally missing out, and need to start RIGHT NOW. The sillier, the better.

If you guys have a family hat (dance) party, please send me pictures!    

Download the lesson plan HERE and enjoy!

Note: make sure you set up your printer to print borderless before printing the lesson plan!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to use the comment section below or email me at janiewhitetaylor@gmail.com. I’d love to help you make the project work for your little one! 

Happy learning to you and your future nerds!


  1. Oh wow J! What an amazing lesson plan structure you've created! Going to try this with Kaitlyn starting next week! I can't even get her interested in counting or repeating a lot of words, so it's amazing how advanced Sadie is for just a month or two older! Way to go mama!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

    1. Just follow Kaitlyn's cues! At this age, so much development happens in such a short time. Sadie still needs a lot of guidance and help, but most of the time I let her try things on her own first, and ask for help if she needs it. It's been amazing to see how much she has learned and grown even since we began the project. She wasn't very verbal when we started, but she is talking up a storm now!