Tuesday, September 16, 2014

F is for Frozen!

F was for Frozen this week, and we were in Disney princess heaven!

The resources we used this week were…

You can listen to the Frozen soundtrack HERE!

ABCMouse.com 'The Letter F Song'
Storybots 'F is Fun'
'Let it Go' Sing-a-long


This week we got Frozen by Bill Scollon, A Sister More Like Me and An Amazing Snowman by Barbara Jean Hicks, and Big Snowman, Little Snowman by Tish Rabe from the library. Sadie loved all of them!

 photo Sadiesbackpack_F_zps56573141.jpg

We read through our new books, and practiced saying our new letter, then did our Frozen mosaic.

 photo DSC_4234_zps039aaccf.jpg

To practice our recognition of the letter “F” I created an “ice writing” activity for Sadie to use through out the week. We put clear hair gel (found at the dollar store), blue food coloring, and glitter in a plastic sandwich bag. I taped the bag closed, because I knew my crazy-curious daughter would try to open and eat the gel.  Over the course of the week, we used the bag on the storm door, on the kitchen table, and even on the wood floor.

 photo DSC_3962_zps464a0d69.jpg
 photo DSC_4000_zpsd5c16fc2.jpg


On Tuesday Sadie’s friend was over, and we all made princess tiaras. I found the tiara template on firstpalette.com, and I’ve included it in the lesson plan. And, don't worry, I also included a crown for the little princes! We worked together to put glittery “F’s” on the center of their tiaras. Then, I threw a bunch of crayons, markers, and shiny things on the table, and let the girls go to town tricking out their tiaras. Sadie wore hers all week!

 photo DSC_3903_zps41800b4d.jpg
 photo DSC_3956_zps0a42face.jpg


We had lots of fun on Wednesday! Sadie made snow, and then we made a huge snowstorm just like Queen Elsa. The snow is super simple, and so much fun. Just mix baking soda and shaving cream in a big bowl.   

 photo DSC_4031_zps4adfd00e.jpg
It feels cold like snow, and the texture is really similar. You can even make snowballs!  photo DSC_4054_zps593cfb87.jpg
Sadie had so much fun playing in the snow. She could've done it all day. She made a huge mess, but her shrieks and smiles were so worth it.  photo DSC_4065_zps6ce836c1.jpg
When we were done making snowballs and snowmen, we were ready for the snowstorm. Pour some vinegar over the snow, and watch the “snow” turn into Elsa-scale “snowstorm” that grows and spreads. Science, y’all.  photo DSC_4081_zpsb7ecd56c.jpg


This week I made Frozen pancakes. I added blue food coloring and blueberries. I made a letter “F,” a snowman, Elsa’s glove, and a tiara. They all looked pretty crazy (apparently pancake art is hard), but they sure did taste good. I went with pancakes, because Sadie doesn’t like a whole lot of variety, but there are tons of cute Frozen-themed snack ideas out there. You can get creative, or I’m sure Pinterest can hook you up too. 

 photo DSC_4100_zpsddd24c17.jpg


The snow painting we did on Friday was my favorite activity for the week. I liked it so much that I kind of want to do it by myself. We spread shaving cream in a Pyrex dish and pretended it was snow. We spread some paint around in the “snow,” dipped our letter “F” in the “snow,” then used a spatula to squeegee the extra “snow” off. There are more detailed instructions in the lesson plan, but it was a super easy project. I think the letter turned out really pretty!  photo DSC_4260_zps1b57df0d.jpg  photo DSC_4263_zps585dc2bd.jpg  photo DSC_4288_zps4cc969a2.jpg

Weekend Fun:

To celebrate our “F is for Frozen” week we had a family movie and ice cream party. To amp up the Frozenness of our ice cream, I added some blue food coloring to the chocolate syrup, and threw in some chocolate candy snowballs. Then, we piled on the couch in front of Frozen, and sang along.

 photo DSC_4107_zps8f10374e.jpg  photo DSC_4137_zpsac787de4.jpg

Download the lesson plan HERE and enjoy! 

(Note: make sure you set up your printer to "borderless printing" before printing the lesson plan!)

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to use the comment section below or email me at janiewhitetaylor@gmail.com. I’d love to help you make the project work for your little one! 

Happy learning to you and your future nerds!

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  1. girl. you amaze me! how can i teleport jack to your house each day to participate in these awesome activities?!